MAY 24, 2024

Honoring Memorial Day with Two Very Special Veterans

Memorial Day Epsiode

MAY 17, 2024

Florida Amendment Four - The Push to Enshrine Roe vs. Wade Abortion Rights into the Florida Constitution.

With special guest John Stemberger, President of Liberty Council Action

MAY 3, 2024

Polls in Battle-Ground States, the Impact of Riots on College Campuses, and the Outlook for the Nation

With hosts Brett and Matt Doster

APRIL 26, 2024

America’s woke universities are dealing with the fallout of the DEI agenda they’ve been pushing for decades.

With special guest Michael Brickman, fellow at the American Enterprise Institute

APRIL 19, 2024

The Trump Trial with legal expert and Former U.S. Attorney, Ken Sukhia.

With special guest Former U.S. Attorney, Ken Sukhia

APRIL 12, 2024

SPECIAL GUEST: Adam Michel, Director of Tax Policy Studies at The Cato Institute 

With special guest Adam Michel, Director of Tax Policy Studies at The Cato Institute 

APRIL 5, 2024

Florida State Commissioner of Education Manny Diaz discusses education and how Chinese-owned software companies collect data on children. 

With special guest Manny Diaz, Florida State Commissioner of Education

MARCH 29, 2024

Chairman Randy Ray of Senior Consumers of America discusses Tort Reform and the effects of lawsuit abuse on Florida's most vulnerable citizens

With special guest Randy Ray, Chairman of Senior Consumers of America

MARCH 15, 2024

Kentucky State Senator Chris McDaniel joins us today as we discuss the fiscal conflict between state policy and federal policy.

With special guest Kentucky State Senator Chris McDaniel

MARCH 8, 2024

Rep. Stan McClain & the Free State of Florida vs. Joe Biden & the State of the Union.

With special guest State Representative Stan McClain

MARCH 1, 2024

Florida's 2024 Legislative Session highlights with Representative Griff Griffitts and the Border Duel with Biden and Trump. 

With special guest State Representative Griff Griffitts

FEBRUARY 23, 2024

2024 Presidential Race and Florida Legislation.

With special guests Ryan Binkley, Republican Candidate for President, and Rep. Toby Overdorf, a member of the Florida House of Representatives.

FEBRUARY 16, 2024

When all else fails. Blame a Republican. Biden's Border Disaster Part 2.

With special guest Representative Tom Fabricio

FEBRUARY 9, 2024

Biden's Border Disaster

With special guest George P. Bush - Former Texas Land Commissioner

FEBRUARY 2, 2024

When did sports get so Political? Matt and Brett with Special Guest, Pro Golfer Kenny Knox.

With special guest Professional Golfer Kenny Knox

JANUARY 26, 2024

A discussion on Inflation, the broken Federal Reserve, and what's next for America's economy. 

With special guest's Stephen Moore and Daron Shaw

JANUARY 19, 2024

The role of faith-based organizations in contemporary American culture.

With special guest Edward Graham

JANUARY 12, 2024

What's a Conservative Tax Plan for 2024?

With special guest Grover Norquist

JANUARY 5, 2024

A Presidential Primary outlook and the issues we face in 2024.

With special guest Mitchell Brown

DECEMBER 29, 2023

2023 in Review by America in View.

With hosts Brett and Matt Doster

DECEMBER 22, 2023

Christmas Wishes, Woke Christmas Gifts, and the True Meaning of Christmas.

With hosts Brett and Matt Doster

DECEMBER 15, 2023

HB 599 - Gender Identity Employment Practices.

With special guest Representative Ryan Chamberlin

DECEMBER 08, 2023

The GOP Presidential Debate in Alabama.

With hosts Brett and Matt Doster

DECEMBER 01, 2023

Conservative Principles in Today's Political Climate.

With hosts Brett and Matt Doster

NOVEMBER 24, 2023

Turkeys, Primaries, and More.

With hosts Brett and Matt Doster

NOVEMBER 17, 2023

Thankful for Florida

Special Guests: Marco Island City Council Chair and State Representative Candidate Greg Folley and Matt Silbernagel

NOVEMBER 10, 2023

Who won the debate?

With hosts Brett and Matt Doster

NOVEMBER 3, 2023

The Surprising Lack of discussion about Taxes in this year’s Presidential Politics

With hosts Brett and Matt Doster

OCTOBER 27, 2023

Insight into the Growing Conflict in Israel

Special Guest: Retired Army Officer Tim Fitzpatrick 

OCTOBER 20, 2023

The Speaker of the House Debacle

Special Guest: Former Florida Congressman Steve Southerland

OCTOBER 13, 2023

The War in Israel and America's Role

Special Guest: Retired Army Officer Tim Fitzpatrick 



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